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What is Re Move?
Re Move helps bind toxins nomally found in the environment, so that the mycotoxin passes out in the faeces. ReMove has been formulated from specific ingredients that may bind harmful mycotoxins in the horse’s digestive tract during periods of mycotoxin contamination.  Re Move is designed to bind with the polar and non-polar mycotoxins.

What is a Mycotoxin?

Mycotoxins are metabolites produced by fungi that can normally grow on some plants and grains. These plants include cereal grains,  clover and alfalfa, and some weeds. More than 500 mycotoxins have been identified to date.  Under certain hot and humid conditions the fungi can multiply and produce fungal spores (mycotoxins)  at levels that may cause harm to animals that consume these plants of plant products.
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Signs of Mycotoxin poisoning
Symptoms can vary widely but may include:
• Itchy skin and/or hairloss
• Scabby sores
• Stiffness
• String halt/staggers
• Wasted topline
• Sunburnt nose
• Persistant cough
• Odd sweating
• Coarse, dull coat
• Persistant greasy heel/rainscald
• Unexplained spookiness and dangerous
Mycotoxin poisoning may also cause the
following without any obvious signs:

• Depleted minerals in the body
• Decreased immune function
• Negative impact on the kidneys, liver and
reproductive system
• Severe cases can lead to death