What can I do to prepare myself for riding?
There is no better way to educate yourself than real hands on experience. To become more comfortable around horses, arrange a tour of our facility, watch a few of our lessons or enrol in one of our beginner clinics.  Books are also a great learning tool. 
What should I expect in my first lesson?
Students ride very little in the first few lessons. The saddle time will increase each lesson as you become more confident at preparing your horse. In your first lesson you will have a break down of our lesson format. Each lesson starts with the rider catching, grooming their horse and then tacking up. You will be introduced to a horses body language, the type of equipment you will be using each session and its proper use. It is recommended to allot a minimum of thirty minutes before and after your riding lesson for grooming, tack up, cooling out, putting your horse away, and cleaning equipment.
What equipment do I need?
For your first riding lesson you will require a helmet, full length non sweat pants, and solid closed toe shoes with a heel.Your helmet should be a ASTM-SEI approved safety helmet.
Other equipment you will need to acquire are a pair of half chaps with paddock boots, or tall boots, breeches, a crop and gloves. 
Some local tack stores sell beginner riding packages that include all the necessary equipment for you to start riding lessons. They start at $175.
How often should I ride?
In our program we require you to ride a minimum of once per week. We recommend that you ride two to three times a week when you first begin taking lessons as there is so much new information to take in.