Dream Coat Ultimate Coat Finish 600ml

Dream Coat Ultimate Coat Finish 600ml

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Dreamcoat Ultimate Coat Finish Equimist Spray

Dreamcoat from Carr & Day & Martin will deliver the ultimate high gloss show shine for your horse. Spray Dreamcoat Coat Finish on your horse's coat, mane, and tail, and brush to polish. This unique formula contains optical brighteners that enhance the coat and bring out your horse's muscle tone. Dreamcoat features a non-slip formula that won't leave any kind of grease or residue. Carr & Day & Martin considers Dreamcoat to be the ultimate show coat product (but we love it for every day, too!).

Dreamcoat Ultimate Coat Finish features the Equimist 360 revolutionary spray technology that allows you to spray from any angle (including upside down), with a near-continuous spray that requires fewer trigger squeezes (no more tired hands!) and an ultra-fine mist with a wide spray pattern for even coverage with less product waste. 600 ml. By Carr & Day & Martin.